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*This post features gifted products. All opinions are my own*

This definitely wasn’t the plan, but over the past few months the garden has actually turned into a playground. When the first lockdown hit, Hollie and I decided it makes sense to invest in our own personal green space. The garden was being used before, but it wasn’t at its best.

We made some alterations, extended the lawn and build equipment that we knew they’d enjoy, but this year we’ve taken things to the next level.

  • Tree house: demolished
  • Trampoline: in
  • Bikes and scooters: accessible at all times
  • Loungers: here
  • Giant slide: installed

But it doesn’t stop there. (It never just stops with us).

The first thing we got for the garden last year was enjoyed for a few weeks, but has been relegated to the back corner. We knew that the kids weren’t really getting much out of it anymore, but thanks to Freemans, we’ve been able to fit out the garden with all sorts of fun games and goodness to keep the boys occupied over summer.

It’s not long before Cameo starts school and we really need to make the most out of this time. We’re looking ahead and I’m trying to think of all the physical skills he needs to acquire before I lose grip of my influence over him. I want him to be an all-rounder like me. I enjoyed sports, but I was never excellent at anything in particular.

I’m proud of his frisbee throwing technique, his flips and his scootering, but we’ve got loads of other gaps to fill, and here’s the chance.

I’m proud to say I’m still flexible enough to do a crab on command, but I rarely get chance to display these skills. To the rescue comes a limbo set. I was definitely so much more excited than the boys to give this a go, because I’ve been waiting years to do this. Unfortunately, I wasn’t nearly as good at it as I excited I would. Get it here. 

Cameo bracing himself for the limbo

Football isn’t something that came naturally to me, but it’s going to be an essential part of his childhood, so he needs to know what he’s doing. Marlo loves playing goalkeeper while Cameo blasts the ball at him. The set is ideal for preschoolers and it’s become an instant favourite from the day we put the easy-to-assemble set together. Here it is.

Marlo Kicking Freemans Football
Marlo blasting the football

The see-saw at our local park disappeared at some point this year. It was so annoying considering Marlo had only just become strong enough to hold on when Cameo gets into his mega bouncing action. Thankfully, we’ve been able to replace that with a seesaw of our own – one that took about an hour to put together and now they can’t get enough of. Find it here.

Cameo on the rotating seesaw

Among the other bits and pieces we got for the boys was a ring throwing game. It’s another one that’s great for their motor skills, but really it’s just something that I want to play for myself. It’s more of a bonus that they enjoy doing it too. Find the set here. 

Marlo Playing Ring Throwing Game
Marlo scoring a giant 0 score – again!

Freemans is full of family-friendly garden games for you to explore, if you’re looking for ways to keep your little ones occupied while the weather’s still on our side.


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