Chiino headshot in garden 2018

About Me and The Blog You See

Easy now, people. I’m Chiino and it’s a good job I claimed this domain when I did. This right here is my lifestyle blog, all about the things I’m dealing with when I’m not working.

I’m 27, from Nottingham, and I’m one half of the duo that brought Cameo (below) into the world in January 2017.
Cameo on the Swings - Chiino.co.uk
Cameo, born January 2017

And I’m also jointly responsible for Marlo (below), who arrived in July 2018.

Marlo Held - Chiino.co.uk
Marlo, born July 2018

I’m a self-employed opportunist and have documented bits and pieces of how I make money and build businesses on ProbablyBusy.com. If that’s of interest, I do things about reselling, brand building and quick ways to boost your bank balance, go explore. Expect to find things about fitness, music, parenthood and (2016-2017) content borrowed from the now-defunct lifestyle and music sections of ProbablyBusy.com.


The best way to explain myself is through Skepta’s “St. Paul soldier” flow (borrowed from Wiley and later borrowed by Remtrex), which probably came from Jay-Z’s “Welcome to New York City” verse.  And if that wasn’t the lineage then I’m saying the cadence stemmed from a D Double lyric, which is absolutely from Snoop’s first “Bring It On” verse).

So check:

I’m a South Notts dweller, true-tale teller

12 more income streams than your fella

YoYo’s dad; want cash bad

Tunnel vision sharp; don’t fall for no fad

C-walk dancer, wallet enchancer

Watch my every move I’m a straight up chancer

Arbitrage don, get a move on

Never find me without a coupon

Writing’s stellar, microphone sheller

Know me as the wickedest reseller

I’m an idea sparker, deeper, darker

Line up right; cold parallel parker

Website flipper, Chinese dropshipper

I swear down – coulda been a pro skipper

I’m a niche explorer, domain hoarder

Dumb eBay question ignorer

Go on then!