The Happenings That Shaped My 2016


Annual round-ups are mad corny, but 2016 was mad year for personal accomplishments. I have a couple lists to share.

First are the lesser ones:

  • Bought and resold all the office assets of my last, now-liquidated employer
  • Went to Brighton for the first, second, third and fourth time ever
  • Downsized my possessions drastically
  • Purchased three separate printers (for completely different functions)
  • Survived appendicitis (first overnight stay in hospital and first operation)
  • Saw Slick Rick in real life
  • A bag of fun things that you don’t need to know about


In chronological order, 2016 was a year in which I:

  • Got made redundant (January)
  • Had my first job interview (February)
  • Started a company (February)
  • Got a new job (May)
  • Moved home (August)
  • Got engaged (September)
  • Interviewed someone for a job for the first time (October)
  • Won an award (November)
  • Launched (December)
  • Brought a baby boy into the world (1st January 2017)

Please tell me one of you had a more eventful year than this.

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