Rebuilding the Foundation: Getting My Yoga On

Stretch It Out


Winter 2001. Let me set you back to those times. The past few #1 singles had included “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, “Gotta Get ThroughThis” and “Because I Got High”. We were midway through the original series of Pop Idol. Chris Jericho had won the first ever WWF Undisputed Championship. Good times.

In winter 2001, I was in my final year of junior school. The Christmas disco involved all of that, plus plenty of Shaggy, S Club 7 and Robbie. Little did everyone at school know thatI had a new interest at the time: yoga.I had one book that I was working from, breaking out each of the poses in the front room. My aunt new this and decided that for Christmas, I needed a yoga mat and (what would be my last) VHS about yoga for kids.

At 11, I was doing box splits, I would hit crab poses for fun, and I thought every move I saw was possible. I was the most flexible boy in my class, bar the two actual gymnasts. I secretly had a little yoga thing going on at home. It was a daily routine all about poses (bun all that meditation stuff).

It didn’t last.

I stayed flexible through to my mid teens as Idid karate, and it was necessary that I had the ability to kick someone in the head. After I gave that up, things started to dry up. Years of weight training started to take its toll on my body too. Where I wasn’t on-point with my form on things like leg extensions and squats, my knees are in a state. The same goes for my lower back. I’ve decided that I need to take action. I’m taking things back.

It’s a yoga vibe in 2019.

I can see nothing but positives from my plans, and just hope that I’ll be able to fit it into my schedule in the way I plan to. It’s completely out of the question to go to classes right now but it’s OK becauseI’ve got the perfect space for it, and the necessary equipment. But it’s a different story when I’m trying to actually do it daily (knowing I’ve got two attention-seeking infants that I can’t escape).

I hear the benefits of meditation and the spiritual side of yoga, but I really can’t see myself committing to it if it becomes a major part of my sessions. Ideally, I’d be doing this to kick off my day (before both of these kids wake up) getting all my joints together to set the day off. I do weight training in the evening and I think it’s staying that way, so it’s a good balance for the day .

I’ve looked into various variations of yoga and I believe that I’ll be operating somewhere between power yoga and hatha. I’ll share onceI’m settled, active and everything starts to fall into place. As ever, I’m learning purely from YouTube, until I find my place.

I’ve got my yoga mat. I’ve got a few other accessories. Let’s get to action.

*Listen to Scotty ATL*