Wiley Boosted My Credit Score



Story time. Stick with me.

In summer 2012, Wiley was on a proper high. Eskiboy had gone to #1 for the first time with a solo tune by the name of “Heatwave”. The country heard him on Radio 1 to singing “number 1 inna di UK chart” in Capleton style to celebrate his decade-long ascent in the music industry. The year that followed was filled with more success, as he continued to hit it big with a string of Pop-leaning charting hits.

By the following summer, Wiley was still working all of these club-staple tunes, likely making big sums of cash doing PAs on all the Mediterranean party islands for the UK’s young ravers. It made sense that he should live out in the Med, so had settled in Cyprus by this point.

If you followed Wiley on Twitter at this time, you’ll have seen how unpredictable he was, and that anything could come from that feed of his. (2010-2013 were the glory years of his tweeting career). I noticed how excited he was to be out in Cyprus, and kept tweeting people to join him. He would tweet Buskin one day, Frisco another, and Megaman the next. He wanted to get everyone out to enjoy the sun and the bookings that the resort had to offer.

Wiley must have been sat there lounging at his place one day, when he decided that he didn’t just want other artists out there with him; he wanted to bring fans too. That’s when a tweet caught my eye.

Bear in mind that I saw this while I was sat at my desk at work, and was meant to be holding down the fort while the other two from the 3-person agency were out at a client meeting. My heart was PUMPING while I’m waiting to see what the question was, hoping that no one would call, or anyone else would interrupt me. If the question was anything Wiley-related, no one would have answered quicker than me. I knew I wasn’t going to lose.

The tweet came.

I answered.

I waited.

Then the results came through:

It was happening. I had done it. Napa, here we come.

Myself and Hollie would be flying out in a couple of days, so we had to do a mad dash to make sure our workplaces could cope without us, to get swimwear sorted, and to get Napa-ready. I hadn’t been on holiday in two years by this point, so it was a long time coming. We needed the getaway, and a free one made it feel all the more satisfying.

Wiley’s cousin JJ was left in charge of the organisation. He just needed to sort out flights, and we’d be sorted. Unfortunately, he made one too many assumptions and didn’t realise that last-minute flights to that part of the world aren’t there on tap. In the end, the best he could do was a one-way from Manchester (when we were living in London). We went along with it. Wiley sent the money to Hollie. We’ve got a long drive ahead of us.

Wiley DM - Chiino.co.uk

We flew. We got to the other side. There was a man waiting for us with “Wiley Comp” sign to taxi us to our hotel. Smooth. JJ met us and took us to Club Ice, Black & White, and all over the place. We met Chip(munk). Had fun. And we didn’t have to pay for a thing. Napa is a vibe.

It continued the next day, when we had a boat party to get to. This time JJ couldn’t make it/didn’t want to answer his phone that day. Us and the other two pairs of competition winners were free to roam and do whatever we liked. There was just one thing that made it a little bit uneasy for myself and Hollie: 1) we were the only ones that had to get back to jobs the next Monday 2) we didn’t have flights booked. After we got back from the UKG boat ride, we had to bell someone up.

Call after call to JJ was aired. DMs to Wiley were aired. We were getting nowhere with it. They were about to leave us stranded in Napa.

Yeah, that’s not happening.

This is the bit where we return back to the title. We had to get back to work, so we had to take the £288 hit to get a flight back to Manchester Airport (where our car was). I’d had my credit card since that January, but hadn’t done anything with it. I knew that I needed to use it to build up my credit score, but didn’t see the significance at the time. This was the beginning of something beautiful.

Monarch Flights Statement- Chiino.co.uk

It all worked out in the end; we made it on our flights and the other two pairs of competition winners somehow got through to JJ. Most importantly, I got the kickstart I needed to take credit more seriously.

Wiley is singlehandedly responsible for my first credit score boost. Eskiboy is the wickedest MC alive. It’s just a shame that he still owes me money.

*Listen to J1*