If I’m So Busy, Why Do I Blog?

Never Too Busy


It’s been put to me a few times that I’m not quite as busy as I make out, and that this blog right here is evidence that I can’t be that busy, if I can find the time to just write about whatever. But – there’s real good reason for this being here.

I want to.

I run my own company, within which there are multiple businesses, and have two small children, yet feel the need to have to do something like this too.

It’s painful having ideas that you can’t bring to life. I’ve got a Dropbox folder full of them. However, most of the other things that I wanted to do would have required some real time and cash investments to get them rolling. With this, there’s the cost to host the website, a domain (which I originally bought many years ago) and that’s it.

Lifestyle blogging is exactly that – logging what’s going on in your life. With other websites, I need to create content, but here I’m just documenting what’s happened because I just like to. As someone that gets paid for their words, it’s good practice to write something new every day. It gets monotonous writing for my other sites, so reflecting on general life every now and again is a welcome break.

Blogging in Blogbay Room - Chiino.co.uk

As for the inspiration for the blog turning out as it has, I worked with bloggers for years prior to launching this. I’ve seen the wild opportunities that come as a result of just sharing what you’re doing. If I can make the time to do it, I may as well get in on the action.

Non-celebrity influencers are often people that just went that little step extra to show the world how they’re living, and I’m more than capable of joining in. Since you read to the end, you should too. Shout me if you want real motivation to get started, and I’ll point you in the right direction. 

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