The Legoland Incident

Movin' Too Fast


As a child, you’re going to have embarrassing memories that live with you forever. (I’ve got one in my head right now that I’m absolutely not going to reveal). As we’re about 3 years away from life events that Cameo’s going to remember in the future, he’s taking full advantage. Instead of doing things that he’s going to be embarrassed by, he’s making sure that me and his mum take on all of those feelings.

Everything so far has been pretty mild:

  • Refusing to say ‘hello’ to strangers (understandable)
  • Crying for no reason at the supermarket (fair enough)
  • Pushing other kids down slides without consent (I didn’t see nothing)

However, none of them compete with the Legoland incident.

I had no clue until recently that Trafford Centre has its own Lego adventure destination. Think of the Windsor one but indoors. It’s full of noise, bricks and wild children. We added to that by attending a 3rd birthday party up there.

We rolled 4-man deep for a change. Marlo usually gets the babysitter treatment when we travel out of Nottingham, but he’s a lot more manageable these days, and we found that he wasn’t a problem.

The big one did his thing. Cameo was a lot younger than most of the other kids there, but found a way to have his fun. There were plenty of Lego brick pits, he could make your own cars to roll down ramps, and then he found the infant soft play.

It was a Duplo vibe, indicating it was for kids little younger than the rest. He’s got enough Duplo at home and he had been making things for a good hour or so by then, so he wasn’t interested. He just wanted to get stuck into the soft play action. His #1 selection was the slide.

So he went on it one, twice, three times, and it didn’t stop. He was doing circuits, climbing up a couple of big foamy steps to then dive down again. And again. And again. And then he came to sit with us.

And then he was sick everywhere. Oh – and again. And again.

I have to thank Zoe for thinking fast and helping to clean, because he had caused a right scene. He all but evacuated the soft play, with parents flying in to snatch their kids away from ours.

After that, he had a little downtime by just jamming and checking out the 4D cinema.

Cameo had an amazing time overall, but his first time in Manchester since his hotel stay will forever be known by this disaster of an incident.  

*Listen to Migos*