A Spring 2017 Boot Sale CD Haul


Car boot season is amazing. It brings all sorts of great things. As there were no boot sales to attend for a few months, the music collection has been suffering. Very few new things have been added, and it’s been hard out here since the autumn haul I bought you. Once my local car boot sale reopened, at last minute, we decided to use it as a chance to sell, rather than buy. Then one after, however, allowed me to pick up a fair few CDs.

Costing between 25p and £1 each, this is what I got:

  1. Adina Howard – “The Second Coming”. As if it took nearly a decade for Adina’s second album.
  1. Artful Dodger – “Rewind 2001: Lessons from the Underground”. If you ever pass up a chance to own a 2-Step compilation, I just dunno what’s wrong with you.
  1. Assorted Phlavors – “Assorted Phlavors”. Once of those ‘90s female R&B groups – like Sa Deuce – that passed people by, despite their great output.
  1. Cee-Lo – “Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections”. His first solo thing, and worlds away from his Goodie MOb contributions, his Gnarles Barkley things and all of his post-2010 output. In a good way though.
  1. Christina Milian – It’s About Time”. Meh. Mad that she did a tune with Harvey recently though.
  1. Cormega – “The True Meanings”. Represents a proper odd time in the game, where the glitzy end of the Hip Hop spectrum was so popping that so many of the supreme underground lyricists of the time were overlooked.
  1. Eternal – “Before of Rain”. Shouldn’t have done this.
  1. Fabolous – “Ghetto Fabolous”. I mean.
  1. Faith Evans – “Keep the Faith”. Faith’s two ‘90s albums were flawless, from top to bottom. Don’t know how I could forget tunes like “Life Will Pass You By” and “Caramel Kisses”.
  2. Kelly Price – “Soul of a Woman”. Kelly was setting the levels from her debut, and sometimes we just need a reminder of these things.
  1. Men of Vizion – “MOV”. The album after the one that people known. Full of that Y2K R&B stutter Darkchild production, so very welcome to the collection.
  1. N.O.R.E. – “Noreaga”. Once I’ve already got, but may as well double-up while the rest of my stash is in storage.
  1. Pete Rock – “Soul Survivor”. Pete wasn’t playing when he decided to put out a solo album, pulling in MCs and singers from around the country for a bass-heavy jazzfest. This is a top-notch piece of work, and various Wu-Tang members, G Rap, MC Eiht, Beenie Man have highlights here.
  1. Silk – “Love Session”. The one where they peaked with the balladry.
  1. SN1 – “Welcome 2 Boomzville”. If I had my reselling hat on, this would be the day’s winner. A non-barcoded mixtape from SN1 (Giggs, Kyze, Joe Grind, Gunna Dee and co) would fetch good money. For now, this UK Rap history is staying in my stash.
  1. St. Lunatics – “Free City”. I can’t imagine anyone ever paying money for this, despite Nelly being my favourite rapper when this dropped. “Batter Up” makes up for the rest though.
  1. Tevin Campbell – “Tevin Campbell”. I completely understand why the world left his music behind in the late ‘90s now.
  1. TQ – “They Never Saw Me Coming”. I remember not liking this the last time I listened to it, but took a chance for 25p. It’s still no better now.
  1. VA – “Violator: The Album”. Imagine a time when a music management company had enough top-tier talent to release an unmissable compilation. That’s what this Violator album was, and it needs to be revisited.
  2. Whitney Houston – “My Love is Your Love”. It had been such a long time since we’d had a studio album from Whitney that they had to forcibly team her up with R&B’s leading musicians of the time. Thankfully, input from Missy, Lauryn Hill, Darkchild, Wyclef, Babyface, Faith Evans and the rest make for a career highlight.

Spring 2017 Car Boot CD Haul - Faith Evans, Adina Howard, Whitney Houston

I did well this time around. 16 of these all came from a single stall that had them thrown on the floor, where everything was 25p. I passed them by on the first run, but grabbed all I could on the way out. Unfortunately, I had to put back a few bootleg CDs – including things from The LOX, Redman, Kele Le Roc – but that’s nothing to dwell on. Let’s hope the people selling keep up the standards over summer.

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