Post-Op Recovery Workout Planning


Story time.


What Was Going on Before?

In April this year, I started on a brand new workout regime. It was the most intense one I’d ever done. I got new equipment in preparation for it, decided it was time to actually plan some sort of diet, and it worked. I put over 20lbs of muscle over four months. Light work.

A few major roadblocks came my way through the year. Although I got off to a good start, these things prevented me from sticking to my strict exercise routine, and it slowly made things fall apart. Minor.

It had been so easy to pack on the pounds. I think in MMA terms a lot, so saw it that I went from a Lightweight to a Light Heavyweight (leapfrogging two weight classes) in absolutely no time. It was territory I’d never entered before, going from 165lbs to 190lbs at my max, through good eating and high volume workouts. I knew I could get back to that, if I got the rest of my world in order.

I got back onto it. Got up early, gulped down my daily Serious Mass shake, and got on with it. Back on it with the heavy plates and all that.


What Went and Happened?

As I was just starting to get into the groove, I wake up one day with stomach pains. Fast-forward 16 hours, and I’ve been diagnosed with appendicitis. 24 more hours later, my appendix has gone and all exercise-related plans are well and truly out the window.

After cracking the code that I’d tried to work out for years, I can’t work towards anything until my operation wounds have healed. Perfect opportunity for some ‘Before and After’ content.


Now What?

I’ve gotta firm it, haven’t I. I can’t physically move about a third of my body, so it’s just a case of waiting until things get better again. Until then, I’ve got plenty of time to refine my workout plans. As effective as it was, some days had quite length routines in there. Now’s a good time to work out where to cut out excess, and streamline the ting.

I’ve decided that I can’t just concede defeat to all forms of exercise, until my body works again. There is absolutely no reason why I can’t work my calves and forearms in the meantime, so I shall. Yes, I’ll have to modify things, so I don’t blow the stitches in my abdomen, but I’m pretty sure I can crack on there comfortably for now.

I already know what I want to do with the food side – eat more. I can start some of that now, in fact.


Anything Else?

Well I have to show you that I mean business now, and actually do what I say. I’ve got to say that I’ve got a pretty major thing on the way in a few weeks that might slow down progression, but just watch this space.

Call this part 1 of 3.

Meet me back here in a few months.



(Disclosure: This was written two days after being discharged from hospital in early November, rather than on the day of publication).

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