There’s a Meeting in My… Garage

Pump Up, Tone Up


Finally, I have what I’ve wanted for the longest time: a real home gym. I just want to spend a little time celebrating this achievement.

At every place I’ve lived, I’ve had somewhere to bang a couple weights, but it’s a whole different story now I live in a FOUR BEDROOM HOUSE with a HUGE GARAGE.

I went from a slither of space next to my bed, to a narrow space in a spare room (now able to accommodate for a bench) to an even smaller space next to my son’s cot. It just wasn’t right, was it? I made do, but it was only a matter of time before YoYo wanted to kick me out.

I’ve managed to accumulate a lot of useful exercise equipment over the years. (And I’d like to give a special dedication to Freecycle for supplying some of the best of it). While it’s great when it’s in action, it takes up a lot of space when you’re not putting it to use.

I proper fell off with weight training since my son was born. Every few months, I tried to get back into the groove of it, but his sleeping pattern and work really restricted how much I could do. (Going to an actual gym was out of the question). My routine had been disrupted and we needed a big change to fix things – this home move is absolutely fixing it.

I stopped exercise and dropped my protein-heavy diet for a full six months. I managed to lose 10lbs and the ability to do pull ups in that time, so I’ve got lots of work to do.

Now I’ve moved, I’m on it. I’ve got all of this extra time now I work for myself, from home. I’ve got all this space to create the kind of environment that will help me progress. I’ve stocked up on calorie-packed snacks, got me some heavyweight water bottles, and I’ve caught up with the Athlean-X videos.

Watch what happens.


*Listen to Wiley.*

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