I Stream Music Like You Lot Now

Take My Time


To new people, this probably doesn’t seem significant at all, but me joining Spotify is a big deal. I was as anti-streaming as can be. Knowing my tastes, it just didn’t make sense. A lot of the music I would want to listen to hasn’t been released commercially and/or uploaded by the acts/labels. No single streaming service would satisfy me enough to part with money every month to use it. The main reason was that I refused to pay for any service that had less music on it than YouTube.

But I’ve settled on Spotify.

Note: I’m still not paying for it for the reasons above. The adverts aren’t nearly as intrusive as they used to be in their early days, so the free plan works just fine.

I have to tip my hat to them for creating such a slick service. It’s extremely intuitive to use, it seems impossibly deep with content and it has something on there for everyone. My favourite feature is the playlists. As someone that has spent years curating music lists, this makes it significantly better to achieve what I want. This will keep me here.

While there’s a lot of good, I have to say there are a lot of holes. I’m not even just talking about the obscure ones either; there are some significant releases missing from it. These gaps make it difficult for me to big them up all the way.

Here’s a sample of the albums they’ve got no excuse not to have:



Al B. Sure – “In Effect Mode”

Zhané – “Saturday Night”

Tevin Campbell – “I’m Ready”

Xscape – “Hummin’ Comin’ At Cha”



Lost Boyz – “Legal Drug Money”

Unk – “Beat’n Down Yo Block”

dead prez – “RBG”

Pharoahe Monch – “Internal Affairs”

And that’s without going into the exclusives like Dr Dre, Jay-Z and the others that want to keep their music on their own affiliated streaming services.

We’re so nearly there. It’s probably as good as it’s going to get for my needs, and I’ll just have to put up with the limitations for the privilege of the playlist functionality.

As out-of-touch as it may make me seem, I’m still going to continue to buy CDs and download all the music I like, but Spotify is a convenient addition to my music listening experience. Over the past few months I’ve gone far too deep to turn back now. I’m all the way in on it.


*Listen to Z-Ro.*