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I’m all about efficiency. Things run smoother this way. That’s why I would really like to spend a lot of money in some very, very expensive gym equipment. If I could, I would blow a bag on one of those big all-in-one units and stick it in my garage and be done with it.

However, I’m not in a position to let all of that money go right now. The time isn’t right. Until then, I’m going to steadily accumulate bits and pieces that make my workouts more efficient. I’ve got your basics – something for pullups, a bench, high bars and lots of free weights, but the rest is the kind of thing that other people tend to forget about.

This is a rundown all the various things I’ve got in my home gym that make things better for me.

Resistance Yoga Bands

I was over the moon the first time I got these. Then I snapped them. It probably didn’t take a week. Years later I revisited them and had a lot more use out of them. These should be a staple for everyone, as it feels like it bring your joints together. There were some exercises that I just can’t do from home, and this makes up for it.

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Spare Barbell

I got this directly from Freecycle and I’m pretty certain that everyone else will have the opportunity to as well. An extra barbell gives you the ability to stretch that little bit extra, and do specialist toning exercises for your forearms, triceps and hamstrings. I know your other barbell is busy, so look for an extra if you can.

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Knee Pad

This one really changed the way I train. Knees and floors just don’t mix at all, no matter how much I try to force it. Having a knee pad about means that I can transform some movements by introducing this into the mix. It’s something that I said I wanted for absolutely months and kept forgetting. Once I did I no longer dreaded the points where I had to get on my knees for anything in my routine.

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Ab Roller

There was a point in time where I would have picked up absolutely any gym equipment up if it was under £10. I believe that this came from this phase in my life. It was just something different I could do for abs, and I thought it would be a nice change from crunches. It’s become a gamechanger that ends each and every ab session to make sure I’m done for the day.

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Gym Ball

Everyone’s had one of these at some point, surely. I must have been through five now (of which all the old ones vanished mysteriously). Mine is now used for bonus, passive ab work and also comes in handy for hamstring and glute training. You can blow these up yourself, so you never have to worry If you lose the pump. If you’ve got the space, it makes sense to have one about.

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