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I’m an Amazon seller, as readers of my Twitter feed and other blog will know. I use their Fulfilment by Amazon service, which means that Amazon store all of my inventory and send out products to customers once they sell.

The operation is very slick.

Amazon has fulfilment centres all over the country, and my items could end up at any of them. Will it be Manchester this time? Peterborough? Coalville’s next door, so surely it’ll go there? What about Dunstable? The majority of the shipments I’ve sent to Amazon have gone to Gourock, a little town in the west of Scotland.

I love it when my things go to Gourock. Of all the places, the team up there seem to be the most efficient out of the whole lot. I’ve had things go from South London to Inverclyde and processed for sale in under 24 hours before. It blows my mind how they manage to do it.

All of that is completely irrelevant, to be honest. It’s my closest connection to Scotland at this time in my life. Well – it was until some friends decided they were going to move from Polegate (on the south coast) to as far north as they could. They ended up in Comrie, the destination for my, Hollie’s, and YoYo’s first trip to Scotland.

I don’t care where in the country you are, Comrie’s far. Google Maps gave us a 5-and-a-half-hour quote, so imagine how much we enjoyed testing its accuracy. Car loaded with a travel cot, a gang of snacks, various characters from In the Night Garden, a handful of books and at least 40 CDs, we did the damn thing.

If you’re unfamiliar with long-distance car travel with a 17-month-old, it:

  • Inspires great two-line tickle songs
  • Is definitely a two-adult job
  • Requires refined nap anticipation skills
  • Is not something you look forward to repeating

The route we took didn’t give much room for sight-seeking, but the hilly terrain close to our destination was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  With just one stop along the way, we made it up there smoothly (although a good couple of hours outside of Google Maps’ quote time).

It was a brief, leisurely trip – just two nights in a spacious, secluded cottage – so there’s nothing much to report, but it was an eye-opening trip.


I’ve learned that:

  • I absolutely don’t want a big garden
  • Ride-on lawn mowers are incredibly underrated
  • Them deep fried Mars bars aren’t even on a novelty flex


I’ve confirmed that:

  • Living off a country road is just isn’t the life for me
  • It’s unsettling to live over 10 minutes’ drive away from any shops
  • Rural Scotland is pretty damn impressive

I’m glad to have experienced Scotland in +20°C heat, and I’ll be back for more.


*Listen to Cassidy.*

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