14 More Grime-Inspired Gifts You Should Be Giving This X-Mas



So last year, I fancied writing again and I ended up making a BuzzFeed article for fun. A year on, I’m really into creating content again, so it’s only nice to share a few more Grime gifts you should be giving this Christmas.

1. Where’s Carlos t-shirt

Wheres Carlos t-shirt - Ghetts Bashy beef

If you need someone to explain this one to you, ask Carlos when you find him.

Price: £20.00


 2. King Will and the Knights of the Eskimo Dance

King Will and the Knights of the Eskimo Dance

Reuben Dangoor was among the top 3 selected in Grime artists last year. This piece depicts a legion of the country’s premier MCs en route to Culture Clash.

Price: £140.00


3. Uncle Pain DVD

Uncle Pain DVD - Big Narstie

For those that think Big Narstie’s Grime Report YouTube features aren’t enough, here’s a whole DVD full of Uncle Pain’s insights.

Price: £12.50


4. Hattie Collins and Olivia Rose – “This is Grime” book

This is Grime - Hattie Collins

Since everyone’s so interested lately, Hattie Collins has whipped together a very visual book, filled with interviews with Grime’s significant figures. An essential for the bookshelf.

Price: £19.99


5. Kano TheManor oil painting

Kano TheManor oil painting

I paint man like Kane.
What kinda Kane.
Big Daddy Kane.
Not that Kane.
N.A.S.T.Y. Crew Kane.
Nite Nite Kane.
Ps & Qs Kane.
London Town Kane.
Buss it Up Kane.
Garage Skank Kane.
Robinson Kane
All type-a Kane.
Everything Kane.
Man get hit with a street map Kane.


Price: £300.00


6. I Love Skepta edible cake topper

I Love Skepta cake topper

I swear when “Konnichiwa” hit its first sales milestone, I checked and no one tweeted the words: “Album went silver; celebrate that”. Shocking. Anyway, it since went gold, earned him a Mercury and all sorts. Everyone’s a Skepta fan in 2016, so go grab yourself a cake topper to show love.

Price: £2.49


7. Crazy Titch tee

Crazy Titch Tee

A Crazy tee of Crazy T, in Pen & Pixel style, from Grime Tees.

Price: £29.95


8. Badly Drawn Wiley

Badly Drawn Wiley

Since I showed you the Skepta one last year, the artist behind them has blessed us up with more of American rappers, a Stormzy one, and this one of the Godfather.

Price: £8.00


9. Red Monkey x Dizzee Rascal Tongue N Cheek jeans

Dizzee Rascal - Tongue N Cheek jeans

Graphic-laden jeans were the wave in the late ’00s. No idea how this Red Monkey collaboration came to be, but Dizzee “Tongue N Cheek” jeans have been sat on this website for 9 years, and they’ll stay on there for 9 more if no one speaks up.

Price: £449.99


10. Grime 2016

Grime 2016 Album - Butterz

It looks like Elijah & Skilliam are supplying the essentials from the scene every year now. A lot happened in 2016, as this compilation will remind you.

Price: £10.00


11. Tempa T Reach for the Baseball Bat acrylic painting

Tempa T acrylic painting

Tempz hulking it up in acrylic. Oneaway. Finishing touch to a dining room.

Price: £150.00


12. F**k Radio DVD

Fuck Radio Risky Roadz Grime DVD

There aren’t many Grime DVDs from backaday that you can still buy online. Grab “F**k Radio” – one of the essential Risky Roadz releases – while you can.

Price: £18.98


13. Nokia Charger Wire t-shirt


Nokia Charger Wire t-shirt - Skepta

Maybe the new school Nokias are different, but Skepta was after a huge skeng in ’08. Road 140 BPM made the perfect dedication to one of his musical highlights.

Price: £20.00


14. Lifesize Cutout of Tinchy Stryder

Life Size Tinchy Stryder Cut Out -

Life size T. Strydes. Say no more.

Price: £34.97



And there we have it. Obviously, go check albums from everyone that dropped lately too (Wiley’s is proper over due now). Explore elsewhere if you like things like Grime Pokemon cards, and make sure you avoid them terrible copy-and-paste, copyright-infringing Red Bubble t-shirts you see around, because you’re better than that.

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