All of My Excuses for Watching Wrestling


Pro wrestling is problem for me. This year I’ve been really disciplined at removing distractions of all kinds out of my life. I’ve had to since I’m now working for myself and more people want my attention than ever before. However, there’s once habit I can’t quite kick, and that’s watching pro wrestling.

I dropped my WWE Network subscription at the start of 2016, and I can’t see myself going back there for a good few years. I probably didn’t look at anything wrestling related for the majority of that year and the following one, but things have changed since I got back to Nottingham. The nostalgia must be kicking in, now I’m home home.

I don’t watch any of the TV programming (primarily because I don’t have the channels). But it doesn’t stop me from binging on YouTube content. WhatCulture Wrestling is too damn addictive, WWE has one of the most impressive channels on YouTube Botchamania is the best. There are too many temptations out there. I’m just going to have to admit that I’m re-hooked on it.

These are all of my excuses for watching wrestling now:

  1. I might become a wrestler
  2. Cameo is really into my old wrestling figures at the moment
  3. It’s helping me to learn effective storytelling practices
  4. I’ve got a listicle website and WhatCulture is great inspiration for it
  5. All of the video content I watch has elite-level production value, which I can learn from
  6. It’s a fair balance to oppose all the MMA I’m watching
  7. It teaches lots about character development
  8. They’re literally making decisions based on people like me that used to watch it in 1997-2005, and it’s only right that I embrace it
  9. I sell a fair bit of WWE memorabilia and it helps to know what the current fans are experiencing
  10. If I ignore it, I’ll be stuck with so many ‘what ever happened to’s in my heads, and I won’t be able to get any work done
  11. com (well, at the time) was my first online home
  12. There’s plenty of weight training inspiration
  13. I know my two boys will be into it in 4-8 years, so I need to know what’s going on
  14. I’m allowed a guilty pleasure


*Listen to Tyrese*