Dream Lodge – Lazy Otter Meadows, Cambridgeshire


I told you about comping, didn’t I? If you didn’t catch my introduction to comping, have a look first. It’s the practice of entering lots of competitions, so you:

#1 – Have more treats in your life

#2 – You don’t need to spend as much on other things

Who wouldn’t want that? I say it’s the practice of entering lots of competitions, but you can be just as good if you do things selectively instead – going for ones with a higher barrier to entry; increasing your chance to win. That’s exactly what Hollie did last year, leading us to spend a week in a luxury lodge in Cambridgeshire, courtesy of the Dream Lodge Group.

The Lazy Otter Retreat is in Ely, Cambridgeshire (about 20 minutes from Cambridge). Fun times. Somewhere I’ve never been. The only problem – as Kriselle and Ellen will tell you – is that I spent the week prior fretting over the internet situation, as they made clear that they don’t do free wi-fi. Problematic.

Another issue – that baby of ours. When you’re travelling with a member of the Three-to-6 (Months) Mafia member, you have to bring your whole house with you. All the nappies. All the Water Wipes. All the clothes. The Perfect Prep Machine. The steriliser. The pram. All the rest too. Good job we’re driving there then, isn’t it.

Packing for Road Trip

Once we got there, saw this big old lodge, and settled ourselves in, we found there was nothing to worry about. The space was welcoming, the neighbours were nice, and I could tether just fine!

The lodge itself was huge. Open plan, two bedroom, dining area, outdoor dining area and… wait for it… our own hot tub.


The place was very nicely decorated, it’s got an on-site pub and restaurant, and we were overlooking a marina. I’ve never had a holiday of this kind in the UK, and this gave me a reason to consider doing it again.

We got to see Cambridge and did a bit of tourist stuff.  I also did all the things I’ve gotta do, when I’m somewhere different, like finding a street where about eight charity shops were all clustered together. It’s always nice to slip a bit of treasure hunting into the adventures.

And we got work done! Isn’t it crazy how much more productive you can be, when you work in a different environment. I was out there ploughing through blog stuff, reselling stuff and various other thangs. Hollie did plenty of mandatory outfit posts, other things and went and set up her own company. (Details soon come).

The day before the trip, I transitioned from an iPhone 5 to a 6. (Gimme a ‘Wooooo!’). It’s wild how much better the camera is, so I used it as an opportunity to take loads and photos and videos of YoYo.

The best one actually came within an hour of us leaving.

If you like the look of this, go check out the Lazy Otter Meadows and Dream Lodge websites. Highly recommended.

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