Back in the Gym Post-Op


Flashback to this post where I told you I had my appendix removed. Sad times. Derailed my fitness plans completely. I said I would prep by eating better in the lead-up to my big comeback. Didn’t happen. As said I’d work forearms and calves. Didn’t happen. Then a baby happened. I think we can all agree that’s a fair reason to extend the gym break. However, as of today, I’m gym-fit, YoYo’s sleeping in a more regular pattern, so I’m gonna gym it up again.

The first day back after a gym break is always fun, because the day after, you get properly get reminded that you’re putting your body under strain. You sometimes forget what that feels like when you’re in a regular routine. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been properly itching to do just a little something. A few pullups or pushups. Just casual ones. I’ve actually had to stop myself, just knowing how much the before and after’s going to look if I really stayed away from all exercise until I return properly.

So now it’s time for the return. Following on from a full three months with absolutely no exercise. No dieting. No nothing. It’s been a long time coming. The weight I put on last year has been wiped off, and I actually prefer it this way. It just makes it more of a challenge, and it will be a lot easier to see the difference.

Let’s run through my previous progression. I’m 6’0″. I went from 165.8lbs (with a 18.60 body fat percentage) at the start of April 2016, to my peak of 188.6lbs that September (20% BFP). I’m now back at 174.2lbs, around about where I was in July. I’m aiming for 190lbs. Let’s see if we can get there by May, shall we.

The first month after a short break is especially fun, because it’s so quick to get your body back to near-pre-break form. I might not be able to lift at my best for a while, but it at least looks like my body’s capable of it.

Here are my splits:

Day 1 – Chest, triceps, calves
Day 2 – Quads, forearms, abs
Day 3 – Off
Day 4 – Shoulders, traps
Day 5 – Back, biceps, calves
Day 6 – Off
Day 7 – Hamstrings, glutes, abs

I can’t remember where I found it or adapted it from, but it works for me. Lots of people do abs more frequently, but I just don’t need to. Another point is also do calves twice because it properly works for me (and I find them more fun than most apparently do).

I’m back on the Serious Mass, back on the creatine, and back on my regular exercise tip. Using my Pact App properly might even motivate me to stick to it. Watch out for updates. Eventually, you’ll get a before and after too.

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