An Autumn 2016 Car Boot CD Haul


This past September was a warm one, that’s great for boot sales turnouts. As well as bringing out more buyers, more casual sellers tend to be out flogging their things too.

Although this combination means there might be more competition for sourcing, it also makes for a better environment to add to my own CD collection. As discussed previously, I have lots of it in storage right now. That’s no good at all, because I need things to listen to when I’m driving, and the radio won’t always cut it.

The following are 25p-£1 finds from a single boot sale. Probably the biggest I’ve ever done shopping for myself, although plenty for job lot resale slipped in too.

  1. 112 – “112”.
  2. 112 – “Room 112”.
  3. 112 – “Part III”. Copped the first 112 album trilogy – completing my 112 collection – as my first pick-ups of the day. To be honest, this is where the good stuff happened. The last two albums weren’t saying much.
  4. 2Pac – “Greatest Hits”. Come on. It’s going in a job lot though.
  5. 2Pac – “R U Still Down?”. This was the one where we got “Do for Love”, the refined version of “I’m Getting’ Money”, among other great things.
  6. A Tribe Called Quest – “Beats, Rhymes & Life”. One I’ve already got, but can’t stand having the CD in storage. I dunno why everyone hates on all the Consequence verses here.
  7. Alicia Keys – “The Element of Freedom”. Can’t remember what’s on here, but it’s getting the job lot treatment.
  8. Az Yet – “Az Yet”. On the wack end of the ‘90s R&B scale. eBay-bound.
  9. Beyoncé – “4”. Vital. Already have, but it’s very important. I’m saying it’s her best one.
  10. Busta Rhymes – “When Disaster Strikes…”. Album two. All the good ones. Another I’ve got it already, so it can make someone else happy.
  11. D12 – “D12 World”. Straight on eBay.
  12. Devlin – “Bud, Sweat & Beers”. 25p, looking barely used. Couldn’t believe it. I don’t need it, but someone on eBay will find a nice home for it.
  13. DMX – “Grand Champ”. How I hadn’t got this until now, I’ll never know.
  14. Eminem – “The Marshall Mathers LP”.
  15. Eminem – “The Slim Shady LP”. Despite how well these two sold, I never come across non-bootleg versions at boot sales. It all changed on this day.
  16. Erykah Badu – “New Amerykah Part 1 (Fourth World War)”. “Honey” is hiding as a bonus track on this one. The rest ain’t as live as her other albums, if we’re being real, but it’s one I must own.
  17. Eve – “Scorpion”. Nice. Probably heading an eBay job lot though.
  18. Jamiroquai – “Dynamite”. As found in every charity shop in the country. Think this slipped in by accident, but welcomed addition nonetheless.
  19. Jill Scott – “Who is Jill Scott?”. Standard.
  20. John Legend – “Get Lifted”. My version only played eight of the 14 songs, so needed to be replaced.
  21. Kanye West – “Late Registration”. Job lot.
  22. Lemar – “Dedicated”. Better than you remember. Something I’ve bought several times – once from That’s Entertainment (the high street presence of Music Magpie) and once from another boot sale. The first where I actually got what I wanted.
  23. Ludacris – “The Red Light District”. As mentioned in my CD collection post, one of the first albums I actually owned.
  24. Ma$e – “Double Up”.
  25. Ma$e – “Harlem World”. It’s wild how many of these two Ma$e albums I find in charity shops and boot sales, but I’ve decided they belong in an eBay job lot.
  26. Mary J. Blige – “My Life”. Temporary replacement while the other’s in storage.
  27. Michael Jackson – “Bad”. 
  28. Michael Jackson – “HIStory”. MJ CDs always do well as job lots. Vinyl records too.
  29. Nas – “God’s Son”. One of the gaps I need to fill in the Nas section.
  30. Nicki Minaj – “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”. The case on this was clean AF. Job lot bound.
  31. Prince – “Come”. Going to find a new home real soon.
  32. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Mother’s Milk”. The one right before they mastered the formula and “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” happened. Keeper.
  33. Rihanna – “A Girl Like Me”. Don’t overlook this one. Rihanna was on things from early.
  34. Roll Deep – “In at the Deep End”. This was in perfect condition, and will fit right in with a Grime CD job lot. Should be in everyone’s collection already.
  35. Roy Ayers – “Nasté”. I saw the fella live a few months ago, but never come across his CDs until now.
  36. Silk – “Silk”. Even if this was a loop of “Hooked on You”, I’d still cop. Should have been in the collection sooner.
  37. Snoop Dogg – “Da Game is to be Sold, Not to Be Told”. “DOGs Get Lonely 2” and “Woof! are heavily slept on. Staying in the car for a while, but I’ve got it already, so eBay will find it a new home.
  38. SWV – “It’s About Time”. This is one of the best R&B debuts to ever happen. Gwaan Coko et al. I’ve got it, but it’s that good that I need another copy.
  39. Tevin Campbell – “I’m Ready”. Again, essential R&B right here. Tevin was in the zone on this one. “Brown Eyed Girl”, “Uncle Sam”, “Can We Talk?” and all of that greatness.
  40. Total – “Total”. Been looking all over the gaff for this, for years. Their second album is apparently everywhere, but this one finally showed its face here.
  41. The Notorious B.I.G. – “Born Again”. Job lot.
  42. Various – “8 Mile OST”. All a bit meh. Job lot.
  43. Various – “Just Ragga 12”. This is a 1998 Dancehall mix, so you already know what they’re dealing with.
  44. Various – “Waiting to Exhale”. Babyface is out here writing for every R&B act in the game for the soundtrack. Whitney, Toni Braxton, TLC, SWV, Faith Evans, Chaka Khan. One I’ve got, but will fit in with a job lot.
  45. Warren G – “Take a Look Over Your Shoulder”. “Annie Mae” and “Smokin’ Me Out” make this a must-cop. Again, it’s one I’ve had for a while, so this is in the temporary collection, and will end up on eBay.
  46. Westwood – “The Jump Off”. Another than must have accidentally slipped in, and is heading to eBay.

All in all, it was a good’n. It makes up for the many times when I’ve come home with nothing for my collection. I’ll admit that this particular trip wasn’t very productive for reselling pick-ups (as CD collection potential had me distracted), but it was an extra special time – I needed to fill a massive void quickly.

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