5 Cities* in 7 Days


Let me quickly remind you of my situation: I work full-time, run several businesses, and have an 8-and-a-half-month at home who doesn’t want me to prosper, so decides to wake at 2.30am every night to remind me he’s still here (and sometimes to catch a little late night entertainment and a quick bevvy).

All of that together means that I’ve always have something on the go, constantly battling the clock, and I’m never at 100% charge.

This past week has been a jumbled one; I’ve had an overnight stay in five different cities in the space of the week (all just to live up to the name of my blog). This is a reminder: I say I’m Probably Busy, because it’s the truth. This is by no means a normal howeek by travel standards, but by calendar fullness standards, this is regular.

So let me quickly run through a week’s worth of activity:


Friday-Saturday: Liverpool

The Curve Fashion Festival 2017

You lot know Hollie, right? Yeah, my fiancée does the social for the event. The third annual gathering of plus size festivities went down at Liverpool’s Exhibition Centre this year, and I was there to help.

‘Help’ is a vague term at an event that sold over 2,000 tickets. I was an interior designer, security to Tess Holliday, and all-round runner.

I’m pretty sure I’ve now met every single plus size blogger in the UK. Shouts to Michaela, Hayley, Felicity, Charl, Chloe, the other Chloe, Pere, Em, Stephanie and the rest of the gang I saw there.

I also have to big up Zoe for putting on an amazing event, and nicing me up with a stay at the Pullman next door.


Sunday-Wednesday: London


I live in the capital. In those four full days, I had to get it in. Works haffi run and all that.

All of my ‘online’ online things could be scheduled, or extra tasks could be outsourced. Easy. Just a bit of monitoring on the days when I can’t get online, but the rest can run without me there. A couple of things for one of my ecommerce brands had to be paused, but nothing was especially urgent for the week.

Knowing that I’d have a disrupted week, my online arbitrage spend was huge in the week prior. Massive. The Royal Mail depo are so close to requesting that I get a PO Box, based on the amount of stuff that they have to deal with because of my residence. (Blame Hollie too though; those bloggers never stop getting deliveries).

Weeks where I’m unable to stay home are great reminders of why I much prefer Amazon FBA over eBay these days, because all the work is front loaded, and the money can follow when you’re busy doing something else.


Thursday-Friday: Brighton


I’ve previously spoken about how 2016 was the first time I ever went to Brighton. Since then, I’ve had lots of reasons to keep going back. This week I spent a couple of days there to reach BrightonSEO, one of the biggest digital marketing events of the year. As the name suggests, SEO is the main draw, but since it’s grown, they’ve catered to all kinds of online marketing professionals. It’s the fourth time I’ve been, and it was live.

The training (on the Thursday) is always comprehensive. The Friday always opens my eyes up to the many marketing opportunities I’m neglecting/haven’t got the time to do/am not doing well enough. This time around was no different.

Bloggers that can make it that far south, it’s highly advised that you reach one of their free bi-annual conference days.


Friday-Saturday: Milton Keynes*

Charity shop raiding

MK has great charity shops (as discussed on a previous episode, on another channel). They’re that good that I’d go out of my way to stop there, just to get the good stuff. Every charity shop has good days and from experience, it’s not even directly after fresh batches of new bits come in. More often than not, it’s just when shelves need to be filled – like when the foot fall is the highest on a Saturday.

Not only was I there for a little treasure hunt, but I also have family there too, so it’s a nice reason to spend a little time in the area. YoYo tagged along, and assisted with an ASDA retail arbitrage session.

Observations every time I leave Milton Keynes:

  • The shopping centre is rather long
  • You’re overdoing it with those roundabouts
  • You have some unforgiving speed bumps
  • The general infrastructure is on point


*I know Milton Keynes isn’t a city yet, but soon come.


Saturday-Sunday: Nottingham


The final leg of the tour involved a stop in South Notts. It’s home. YoYo joined. You know the score. I may have done an impromptu blogging workshop with my cousin.





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