I Think I Need a Real Gym


What Do I Mean a ‘Real Gym’?

It’s coming to that time where I feel like my home gym is holding me back in some ways. After seeing how far I’ve come in the past year, I’m definitely satisfied that I’m doing as much as I can in my own space, but I need serious equipment to get over a few humps.

I think it’s about time I found a real gym that suits my needs. Now we’re over that mad rush in January, I think it’s safe to say things will have probably cleared out a bit and I can find a space that helps me to get to where I’m heading quicker.

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Why Now?

It’s time now because I’ve done pretty much a year with my own equipment and now I can see how my body is really developing. It’s starting to show which parts are coming along well and which bits don’t look like they’ve been participating in this growth whatsoever in all this time.

So I’m fixing things.

The other option is to invest in some big boy gym equipment, but the thought of putting it all together in my garage isn’t filling me with joy. It makes a lot more sense to head over to a gym which has all of the things I need, and I get to switch things up a bit. When you’re out in the public, you have to train differently, and I like the idea of that now.

A year ago, I would have felt completely different.

Another reason why is because I fear that my weak points are only going to get weaker if I don’t address them. Using nothing but free weights at home means that I really have to be careful not to hurt myself, whereas machines found in gyms stabilise my body and mean that I can just focus on getting the reps in.

It’s mad, but I actually can’t wait to get started on more exercises for my back and legs. The rest I’ve already got covered at home, but that’s what I’m about to fix.

(The further I get through this, the more certain I am that I’m going to join a gym in the next few weeks).

What Gym Will I Go To?

This is the part that I haven’t really put much thought into. In the part of Nottingham I live in, there aren’t really any options on my doorstep, so I’m going to have to drive a little way to get to a gym that suits my needs. There’s a chance that I’ll be going to the gym with someone else, so that’s going to be a factor too, but I’m prepared to drive half an hour each way for a decent gym.

All that I need out of a gym is some good machines and as few people as possible. I really want to get some different resistance cardio in, but the focus is going to be weight. I doubt that I’ll go to any classes. 

Updates to follow.

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