The Skip Life Chose Me

Jumping Like Jordan


Last summer I needed to reach the ridiculously high free delivery threshold on John Lewis’ website, so had a browse around. The purpose of the shop was for my new baby, so he was good. I then grabbed a book for my eldest, and saw I was just under £5 short of that £50 mark. I went through every single section looking for something for Hollie, but nothing was calling me, so I headed to the Sports & Leisure section to see what I could add to my arsenal.

I found the single greatest sports accessory I’ve ever owned: a weighted skipping rope.

I’m no stranger to weighted exercise equipment; I’ve spoken about my love for the weighted hula hoop and how it’s my trick to be lazy with core work. A skipping rope was new territory though. You better believe I wholeheartedly embraced it.

You just don’t come across skipping ropes after school. The last time I probably held one prior to this would have been at a Sports Day, once upon a time.

It was a rocky start though. For the first few days, I couldn’t find my flow. I was out there trying to skip on grass, assuming it would just work. It wasn’t happening, and I thought it was something about my technique. It turned out I just needed flatter, harder ground. Magic happened once I started skipping on the paved part of my garden.

Since then, skipping has become one of my favourite past times. At every opportunity, I would go out to get a few rounds in. The big difference between a weighted skipping rope and a regular one is the speed it comes around. It means that you can get more rotations in for each jump.

It’s obviously great for cardio, but I feel like the weighted version has much more of a shoulder-toning effect. It meant that I have to avoid the rope on shoulder and chest days, as I would otherwise wear my shoulders down before I needed them for lifting.

At some point last autumn, a terrible incident occurred, and one of the weights broke out of my rope, deeming it redundant. Thankfully, I got a replacement for Christmas and this version is just as good as my first.

Cardio can be really boring at times, so it’s good to mix it up with something like this. I mean, we’re in February now and it’s been a cold few months, but I can’t resist going outside to skip every few days. Weather isn’t a factor.

Come join me. I can tell the skip life is calling you too.

*Listen to Migos*