The Names Ain’t Going Nowhere

Identity Theft


I’ve Only Gone and Done It Again

I’ve made it hard on myself yet again. But this time I’ve forced two other people to follow in my footsteps.

Me and now both of my kids have unusual names.

Why have I done this? I’m going to have questions about this until the end of time, so we’ll definitively answer the questions right here and now.

First I’ll address my own name. You’re going to have to ask my parents why they gave me my name. That’s on them. It was a vibe growing up with this name. I never wished I had a regular one. I never felt any kind of way when I couldn’t find a keyring magnet with my name on it. It stood out, and I wouldn’t want it any different. 

Having a unique one for myself, how could I give my kids anything regular? It doesn’t make any sense. Contrary to what everyone else thinks, I never had either of their names in the stash before we found out about the pregnancy. Myself and Hollie had spoken about names for years, but we didn’t even have potential options (on both occasions) until we discovered what sex the kids would be.

First Round: Cameo

Cameo is my actual middle name. Know the band? Yeah, that was the inspiration the first time around, and it’s just an overall fly name. It may have taken us a long time to end up at a name that was already so close, but we cracked it in the end. (For at least the first year of his life, my Mum would only greet him with “Word up!”)

Cameo with Duster -

Second Round: Marlo

With this one, we struggled. Believe when I say we didn’t have a single name nearly close to this until a month before the baby was due to arrive. I went hunting through a few thousands lists of names, going through Japanese, Maori, Scandinavian, West African and all kinds of others in the process. Something similar came up along the way and we adapted to get to Marlo (I swear we hadn’t heard it beforehand).

Happy Marlo at 6 Months in High Chair -

What Unifies the Two?

Uniqueness was the main factor with these names. They had to provoke a reaction and they weren’t going to go to find another once they went to school, as was the case with mine. (In fact, Cameo’s the only one at nursery without his surname on his coat peg). It’n a coincidence that the names ended with ‘o’. It wasn’t intentional at all, but it adds that extra flavour to it.

The only pain point with my own name is that people would constantly spell it wrong. The word itself isn’t wild, but the spelling is special. I wanted to fix it this time around with these two. For Cameo, there’s no room for error. That’s a word that everyone knows and there’s no room for any other variations on the spelling (unless you’re really creative). While not as conventional of a word, Marlo’s spelled exactly how you’d expect it to.

For those thinking of naming their child something out of the ordinary and would like a little advice beforehand, give me a shout.

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