All the Checkpoints We Shouldn’t Forget

Oh It's You


There are so many transition phases with small people. It’s impossible to appreciate them all because so many of them are fleeting things that speed by. They change so much – almost by the day – in the early months. We’re not even two years in with our first and every time we look back at old videos of him, we see phases we can’t even remember. It helps having another one, so we can fully recognise the things we would have otherwise completely forgotten about.

Here’s a list of all the ones I can think of off the top of my head. As it turns out, most of them are warnings:

  • The bit where any sudden movements can give them whiplash
  • The bit where they refuse to bring up wind
  • The bit where night time sleeping just doesn’t appeal to them
  • The bit where they clinch onto blankets and decide it’s best covering their faces
  • The bit where you need to perfectly sit them up on the sofa so they won’t fall in on themselves
  • The bit where you need to perfectly prop them up with pillows so they don’t dive off the sofa
  • The bit where they scream in the presence of strangers
  • The bit where your bed is much more appealing than theirs
  • The bit where they throw food
  • The bit where they teach you the most dangerous parts of the house
  • The bit where they want to taste any tasty-looking things on the floor
  • The bit where they can walk, but will fall head first into the sharpest edges in the room
  • The bit where they choke on all the things you thought they chewed
  • The bit where they climb anything
  • The bit where they fall off things on purpose
  • The bit where they convince you 5am is a decent time to wake up
  • The bit where they want to feel any water they see
  • The bit where playing with them after they eat will result in sick
  • The bit where they randomly hit other small people
  • The bit where they refuse everything
  • The bit where they make TV requests
  • The bit where they always fancy a snack
  • The bit where they snitch on you
  • The bit where they copy random words you say in conversations with other people

And this is all before we’ve started potty training.

Love it though.

*Listen to Super Cat*