Check on Me in 90 Mins

No Safety


I haven’t thought about it for ages, but my home gym used to be my baby’s actual room. We had to make do with the space that we had. I’d accumulated a truckload of weights in the time leading up to it and couldn’t let go, even when we knew we had to make space for a whole new person. We made it work for as long as we could, but I obviously couldn’t train with the same intensity I needed to. It all changed now since we moved and my gym is a whole garage.

Training in a cramped space actually helped me though. When I did actually have the energy for a session, the tight environment meant that I had to be a lot more careful when I was handling my free weights. I had to be under full control at all times, because I could quite easily break the side of the cot, or rocking chair if I wasn’t careful.

It’s made me realise how many precautions I make every time I head to my home weights room.

1. Lay Off the Heavy Stuff

As I’ve mentioned before, you can do a lot without having to throw plate after plate onto the bar. The quickest way to get hurt is to attempt to push weight that I can’t properly handle myself. I’m not trying to do that. I’ve not got a spotter, so it means that I might not be able to do any real one-rep maxes to push my strength on things like bench press. I’d much rather not be able to do that than to risk hurting myself. Making Sure Another Adult Knows I’m In There

2. Making Sure Someone Knows I’m In There

I’m not trying to get wiped out the game, so there has to be some way of letting people know when I’m in trouble. I haven’t come up with anything sophisticated to alert people if I get trapped under a barbell, but as long as someone (94.8% of the time just Hollie) knows when I’ve gone in there and come out in under 90 minutes, all is well. Don’t hear from me? Something’s gone and happened.

Me and Marlo at 6 Months -

3. Avoid Dangerous Exercises

I’m at step 3/10 when it comes to my gym. There’s plenty of equipment that I know I’m going to acquire over the next couple of years, which will make it safer to do particular motions with weighted resistance. As things stand, there are exercises that I really know I shouldn’t do, because they’re going to end in tears. Squats fall into this category. Although I can do after variations, there is not a chance that I’m going to place a barbell across my shoulders and dip down without someone else there.

4. Stay Focused

My workout entertainment has evolved. I used to blast something from my Rap CD collection. Then I moved onto listening to interviews/podcasts. If I got bored, I’d want to go and hunt down something else, wasting time and taking my mind off the task at hand. Lately, UK Parliament’s YouTube channel has been enough entertainment to see me through any hour-long training session. The former options are the backups on the weekend.

*Listen to Blade Brown*