A Peak District Poundland CD Haul


I’m on a never-ending mission to collect all sorts of CDs. All you need to know is that any Rap, Reggae, Dancehall, R&B and other bits from the last 30 years is a potential acquisition for my spare room. I’m getting things all the time, but when I get some in bulk, I’m going to update you.

As I discussed recently, all of my CDs are in storage. This brings me great pain, but I’m still buying more to replace them. My rule is that I’ll get the odd new CD at full price (if I properly rate the artist), but everything else has to be heavily discounted or second-hand at between 10p and £2, unless it’s certifiably rare.

Poundland is this magical place where nearly everything is £1. Their CDs are exactly £1 and are refurbished. This basically means that they have been put in brand new cases. I’ve known for some time that you can buy loads of good things off their website, but I’ve held out, in case I found them elsewhere for cheaper.

During a trip to the Peak District, I came across a massive Poundland. This was fresh off hundreds of my CDs going into storage. The CD selection was overflowing with bits that I had to own, and now I do. Here’s what I now have, and you can also get for yourself from Poundland (if you’re inna this collecting stuff too).

Mariah Carey, En Vogue Poundland CD Haul

  1. Mark Ronson – “Here Comes the Fuzz”. Mark was a cold curator. We didn’t know Saigon, Rhymefest and Anthony Hamilton properly until after this.
  2. Mariah Carey – “Mariah Carey”. Have you heard “Prisoner of Love”?
  3. Cassie – “Cassie”. Don’t know how I haven’t found this for cheap at a boot sale before.
  4. Missy Elliott – “Da Real World”. Standard.
  5. Brownstone – “From the Bottom Up”. I’ve had this for time, but my copy was skipping on track #10. “Pass the Lovin’” is a monster, by the way.
  6. The 411 – “The Day After”. How did these lot get lost in time.
  7. Ginuwine – “The Senior”. Again, I have it, but it would fit nicely in an early 2000s R&B job lot.
  8. Cassidy – “Split Personality”. I’m going to listen “Get No Better” again and get rid.
  9. Method Man – “4, 3, 2, 1: The Day After”. Would you believe it? In a Poundland.
  10. En Vogue – “Born to Sing”. Took me long enough to add to the collection.

As good as this seems, bad news soon struck. When I opened them all up, it wasn’t as it seemed. As discussed in an earlier post, Poundland source their CDs from Music Magpie (who boldly brag with inserts in each case). I ended up with a Westlife and a Dream CD, instead of a couple of the ones I wanted. Another disc skipped a lot.

So, as discussed, nice that you can get good releases for a pound, but don’t get your hopes up until you try the Poundland CDs out.

Wrong CDs - Blame Music Magpie

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