If Only We Had a Morley’s

Missing You


I’ve expressed a lot of anti-London sentiment on here, but the truth is the capital made me in so many ways. The opportunities were mad. The growth I made was crazy. I’m always going to enjoy short trips back there. I’ve adjusted well now I’m well away from my old life in LDN, but there are certain aspects that have stayed with me. There are a few things that I expect to be of London standard. Nottingham is great and that, but there are a few areas where we aren’t getting along.

These are all things I’m used to, and while I can live without them not quite being how I like, I feel like I actually have to be the change to make them happen. It’s in everyone’s benefit if they step their game up.

1. Rush Hour

People have this expectation that it’s impossible to drive in London, but that’s exactly how I commuted for my first five years there. South East London roads that bad (on the most part) for those that want to get towards the centre of the city. Rush hour – or the route I travelled – is contained to a very distinctive time period, and you can travel fine throughout the rest of the day.

Myself and Hollie have described at length on how rush hour in Nottingham vs London is a different world. We don’t know if it’s the part of the outskirts of city where we live or not, but it’s like everyone finishes work somewhere between 3:30pm and 6:30pm here. Where do you lot work and why are they so lax like this? In London, while there are lots of people working very flexible hours, we would know that leaving work at 4pm means we’re getting home a lot faster. It’s not the same here at all.

It’s a good job we work from home now, isn’t it.

2. Fast Food

This is the big one. Chicken shops are everything. Morley’s, Katie’s, Elite Peri Peri and all of their friends held me down in London overt here years. It’s so cheap, so convenient and it’s part of the culture. We’re MILES from any chicken shops now, and the local chip shops that do chicken aren’t trying hard enough. At our end of town, there aren’t any Caribbean options either. It’s difficult to adjust when it’s been standard for us for so long.

When it comes to takeaways, we’re so limited with options. We know that this one is down to our current location but it doesn’t mean it’s any easier to deal with. There are exactly three places that will deliver food to our current home. Three. And only one is to our taste.

I’m meant to be taking training more seriously now but it would be nice to have this as an option. It’s long driving to Nando’s.

3. Music Events

I left Nottingham at a time when all the clubs that played anything remotely ‘urban’ got shut down, thanks to a whole heap of incidents in the late ‘00s/early ‘10s. I escaped to a world where I could go to something every night, if I wanted to. I went over the top and was out a lot more than I needed to, because NG was lacking once I was legally able to rave.

I’ve come back and barely anything has changed. There are a couple of spots and a couple of regular nights worth going to, but it’s nothing like it could be. I’m obviously never going to have the choice of London, but there’s barely a fraction of it that I can do in town.

The majority of my raving days are behind me and the idea of being out of my home past 10pm is nauseating right now, so I’m not missing it right now, but once I get decent sleeps and I need an event to go to, I’ll be annoyed if I still have to go to other big cities to experience what I need.

*Listen to Sanchez*