My Lazy Core Workout Alternative


I’ve already discussed how I’m not into core workouts. They rank eighth at the bottom of all muscle groups to exercise. Three years back, I was introduced to an alternative that seems to be just as effective, but delays the burn – the weighted hula hoop.

I believe the merits of the weighted hula hoop come down to five fundamental elements:

1. It’s fun

Legit fun though. The Wii Fit hula hoop game was top notch and this makes it ever more real.

2. It covers the obliques too.

Efficient exercises always get a pass. If you can work all areas in one motion, happy days.

3. The pain happens afterwards

OK, it probably will bruise the day after. And proper hurt for the next week. But at least you don’t feel much at the time. Much easier than 3×20 crunches.

4. It’s great for multitasking

Watch TV, read, type. You can do all sorts at the same time. Music, of course, is a great accompaniment to a hula sesh, weighted or otherwise.

5. It’s a v-taper hack

I think so anyway. I’m no personal trainer, but mine was way more defined after I started incorporating this into my life.

6. Anyone can do it

I mean the hula hoop motion may require an hour of practice initially, but it’s smooth thereon. Hollie introduced me to it. I then passed it on to my mum, and it’s now her favourite thing in life. And she’s not easily pleased.

Are You Sold?

Your abs need variety, and this is the kind of thing most people would overlook. It’s such and easy thing to do, and it’s made a visible difference for me. I’ve got to shout about it.

My Saturday hasn’t started until I’ve taken a sip on my Serious Mass shake, grabbed my hula hoop and put on Rude Boys – “It’s Written All Over Your Face”. To replicate this routine, go grab yourself this essential piece of underrated exercise equipment right here.

Disclaimer: Badman nuh hula hoop

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