I’m on a JOMO Flex This Year

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FOMO is the realest thing. It’s something I know I’ve suffered from for the longest time, because I’ve always been obsessive about knowing everything about something I care about. 2006-2010, I’m telling you that there wasn’t a day when I hadn’t listened to every single leaked US Rap and R&B tune that landed on the internet. It was a problem if I hadn’t been on my rounds of 25-35 blogs and forums to scour for newness each morning.

Back then, the FOMO was restricted to online things, because there wasn’t much going on in the real world. My discipline was completely misplaced. I was half doing it to find more of what I liked, but the other half was to impress other people with my knowledge. I understand it, but I could do with all those hours now. Plus, I really needed that energy when I didn’t have my head in the game for A-Levels and my first attempted degree. 

In 2011 I was doing the absolute most. When I moved to London, I transitioned that energy to worthwhile happenings. There wasn’t a single music event that I liked the look of that I didn’t have tickets for, and it set unrealistic expectations on my future. The lifestyle was not sustainable. I was trying to make up for time wasted living so far away from where fun things were happening.

At some point in 2012, I managed to kick my excessive music-hunting habit and actually didn’t mind if it took me a couple of weeks to listen to a new album. However, that FOMO feeling was just pushed elsewhere. I just kept finding other things to use that energy towards. You’ll be well aware that the past six or so years have made it increasingly convenient to access the internet on the go, bringing on plenty more distractions with social media and platforms that turn you into a straight up content fiend.

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I thought I had a hold of things until last year, when I realised how much time I was spending on YouTube trying to learn how to make more money instead of cracking on with it. Once you start digging into the world of online solopreneurship, the more likely you’ll latch on to one of the many personalities in this field and actually look forward to the next piece of knowledge they share. These people are wizards and I was strong enough to break the spell. 

Since I’ve spent the majority of this year working from home with my family (which grew by a third this year), I’ve had to have so much more focus. I don’t care what any strangers are doing to get by, even if it’s going to help me, because it’s probably going to slow me down more than it’s going to take me to the next level. I feel like I ticked off most of my concert-going bucket list. I’m not competing against anyone.

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Everything’s different now.

Last year was the cleanser; it was the practice run. This year, I’m on this JOMO flex for real.

*Listen to Craig G*