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As If We Don’t Have Enough

We’ve decided that our bigger one enjoys activities a lot more than toys. He’s got plenty of things to play with, but he’s happiest when he’s doing something. Painting, exploring a park, building with Mega Bloks or reading are the things he’s more likely to want to do than anything. He’s barely got the attention span for most of his toys at the minute, no matter how big, expensive, or how much he demanded them when he first caught sight of them.

Everything changed when he got his new Hape fire station. We got blessed with a new addition to the front room and we can’t get him away from it now.

Hape Fire Station Complete -



As you may recall, I constructed the last thing for Cameo. It’s only fair that we alternate, so Hollie was responsible this time. She picked the perfect day to get to work; it was during one of Cameo’s post-nursery naps. They last a good hour and a half, and that’s exactly how long it took Hollie to figure out how to get it all together.

In her words: “There’s too many parts. I can’t do it.” It felt like an awfully long time to put together, and it wasn’t the easiest thing to do by any stretch. You need a large, flat surface, a screwdriver, and you need to make sure you read things properly. Hollie mentioned that if you make mistakes, you’ll have to take it apart to fix it again.

Don’t assume that you know what you’re doing when you’re putting it together; just follow the instructions and take it slowly. It’s really impressive once it’s all together and you’ll feel a massive sense of relief once it’s all done.


Everyday Use

This fire station was a real game changer for us. Usually when Cameo (22-months-old when he got this) has new toys, he’s had enough of them after 10-15 minutes. When he laid his eyes on the fire station, he squealed, danced and was inseparable from it for the next hour or so.  For the rest of the afternoon, he was introducing all of his other toys to it.

Cameo Playing with Hape Fire Station -

The station itself is full of so many little interactive features to it. There’s an alarm, a bell, a ramp, a poll, moving doors and plenty more. Then there’s all of the little accessories, like the flag, satellite dish, fire hydrant, and the fact that it comes with a fire engine, firefighter, and helicopter too. There’s so much in it to keep a small one entertained for ages.

Considering how hand-on you need to be to put it all together, it’s extremely solid once it’s all together. You won’t have any worries about having small people running around and falling into it, or anything like that. Once it’s up, it’s not going anywhere. When you’re spending this much on a construction like this, you want to make sure it’ll last. This really does the job.

It’s by far Cameo’s favourite thing in the front room, and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

Cameo Playing with Hape Fire Engine -



Fireman-obsessed children are going to love this. It’s truly value for money, filled with parts, and it’s as sturdy as you need in the presence of a toddler. Although it’s meant for kids 3+ (because of all the small parts) ours loved it at 22 months, and hasn’t grown bored of it in the month he’s had it. It’s going to take a lot of concentration to put together, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

Price: £79.99

Hape Fire Station Side -

Note: While the child’s name is Cameo and I may have used that name in the title, please don’t call him Cam. The only time it’s acceptable is if you’re calling him by his future wrestling name, Killa Cam.


*Listen to Assassin and I-Wayne*