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I’m too old to go through an identity crisis. And I’ve got two kids now. Imagine if I revived this domain and ended up pretending to be anything like another blogger.

Let’s get something out of the way quickly: between 2012 and early 2018, it was my job to make bloggers happy. I did campaigns with fashion. beauty, parent, craft, food, and all kind of others. Over that time, I went through a couple of periods of wanting to join in. A couple. I enjoyed just keeping them sweet, but know how easy it is to participate, I really wanted a piece of the action.

(It was a complete accident that I ended up in that line of work in the first place. It wasn’t for me, but low-stress, decent-paying things are right up my street).

When I (re)launched in late 2016, I got some great ideas out, but gradually realised it wasn’t quite right. I was trying to squeeze lifestyle blogging in, but it wasn’t happening. Two twos, we’re here and I’m trying to figure what I actually want to say, what brands I aim to work with and what I want from this. It should be obvious; document instead of trying to create.

The content creation part overtook the diary style of blogging, and made a lot of people feel as though they have to alter their ways on their own personal platforms. Madness. It makes sense for my other blog to be like that, because the readers are looking for advice. Here, I’m just saying what’s going on.

I’ve come too far to get confused about who I am and I can’t pretend to portray a different life, because I haven’t got enough time to make one.

Let me break down my niche:

I get up, feed my kids, build up a music playlist and work. Many distractions follow until someone needs to nap. That’s me. That’s what you’re going to get here, because that’s the reality.

Some other things that happen is that:

  • I wear fly attire
  • I eat so much know that I work from home
  • I bang weights once the small ones are in bed

Be aware that as I’m documenting instead of creating, I can’t offer much in the way of commentary with much of this.

  • I can’t last a minute in a conversation about fashion trends
  • I have trouble describing food, beyond knowing whether or not I would eat it again
  • I get all of my muscle-building advice from some people on YouTube

If all of that sounds appealing, stick around. I know I’m going to get some propositions that I can’t resist, but I’m much too happy to just jam with the ladsdem (both currently under 2) to go around doing blogger-related activities that don’t have me smiling by the end.

My niche is life de la Chiino. Catch you again soon.

Sitting in Le Fix Top -

Top | Chinos | Trainers

*Listen to Joi.*

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