How to Drink More Water in a Day


To gain muscle, most people will probably have to consume more calories and exercise with more volume. One of the other key ingredient for success is that good ol’ H2O. Without more water, you’re doing your body disservice. Being able to drink more isn’t always that easy.

I was in the routine of drinking 2 litres of water as standard, before I decided I needed to step it up. Those new workout plans I had back last April forced me to change my ways and not just settle for the standard. 4.5 litres and no less – excluding any from food – was going to be the target.

Here are a few ways to sneak more water into your day:


Find a bottle size that works for you

You might be able to drink 22ml in one go easily. A few of those over the day, and you will be rolling. Others may find it simpler to sip their way through a 2l bottle across the working day. I trialled both ends of the scale and decided it’s better to go big.


Stock up on water bottles

Following on from the last one, if you’re going to neck back a load of bottles each day, at least have enough ready (plus back ups) to use. Unless you’re going to invest in a more long-term water bottle, you’re probably going to get through a lot each month, so make sure you’re adequately equipped.
Prepare the day before.

Chill the water overnight. No one can tell me it tastes better above 1°C. Once you get in the habit of filling them up each night, it won’t feel like such a chore. If you’re doing the same with protein shakes and things like that, then just blend this into your routine too.


Set regular targets

As an example: 1 litre before you leave for work. 2 while at work. 1 while you workout. A few water snacks thrown in. Yeah, your bladder’s going to be confused at first, but at least your body will have what it needs. Don’t worry if it doesn’t always go to plan, as long as you have a solid plan as your foundation. Be as flexible as you want, as long as you finish it off.


Avoid fizzy drinks

Carbonation is long when you’re trying to drink more water. If you cut it out, you will find things far simpler. If you’re serious about this, you’ve probably backed off most of the stuff already. If you’re yet to do so, it makes all the difference.


In Closing…

As with anything, it’s harder at the beginning. You might not get as much as you want to initially. You may drink too much too soon, and struggle for the rest of the day. You may not feel like it some days. Minor. As long as more is going in, you’re doing the right thing.

Whatever the case may be, as long as you set a realistic goal for water intake, you will be able to changes things eventually. Persistence and a few lifestyle changes will get you there.

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