He’s Started Defacing the Furniture

Appetite for Destruction


Most people underestimate it but introducing drawing implements into the house is a major step for any child’s home. Throughout summer, Cameo had a great time in the garden drawing various animals (or so he said) with chalk. He went through a few packs and we’re sure he loved the process of changing from one colour to the next more than the actual drawing. Now the weather’s not as welcoming to outdoor play, Cameo much prefers to jam in the house. Unfortunate for us, he wants to get creative and show how he gets those pens in action.

We thought we had things under control. He understood that he has to draw on either his chalk board or paper, but he got curious about the potential. It would start with innocent mistakes – like drawing on the window of the backdoor – but it wasn’t long before he wanted to know what blue felt tips look like on wooden floorboards. Myself and Hollie did all we could to encourage him to draw in more suitable places, but we can’t watch over for every second of the day. You know what came next.

Steadily, myself and Hollie started noticing evidence of foul play. It was like he knew where he could do the most damage without getting caught straight away. We would wake up in the morning, turn on the lights in the front room, and be confronted by massive scribbles on the (black) arms of the sofa. They were easy to miss if you weren’t looking for them.

Cleaning was just a temporary fix, because this child had bad intentions. Even when the pens were confiscated, he had secret stashes in obscure places like under the TV stand, deep in his toy box drawers, and so on. These uncoordinated, uninspiring scribbles continued throughout the front room (seemingly the only room where he has different ideas to us about the interior décor).

We’ve had to replace a whole sofa (getting this one in its place) and set of table of chairs (swapped for this). No joke. They’re great additions, so we’re not mad, but we’re not doing this again. This child isn’t even 2 yet. In fact, we replaced everything in October, so he wasn’t even close to 2 when he went on this vicious streak. There’s more to come, and that’s even before the other one grows up and learns about pens.

Stay tuned for updates.

Note: I didn’t manage to get any photos of the destruction caused by Cameo, but Hollie decided to photograph as I mashed down the sofa so it could fit in the car to go to the tip.

Mashing Down the Sofa - Chiino.co.uk

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