Daily Rituals That Keep Me Focused

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If you told me to do this even three years ago, I wouldn’t have been on it, but daily rituals keep my head in the game and make sure things stay moving forward. Momentum is everything and I can’t be one of those people that watches soaps at the end of the day when I know there’s so many other things I could be doing. I’ve never taken lifestyle advice before and I still won’t now, but I’m going to say that this was the game-changer that shaped everything between the end of January 2016 and now.

1. Check My Bank Balance

The day has to kick off in the right way, and that’s by seeing what my money situation is. It will set the tone for the rest of the day and let me know if I need to work harder than usual. It’s good to see what it’s saying every day, just to be sure that everything’s as it’s meant to be.

I recently had an incident with my business bank account where someone managed to spend £335 in home décor. If I wasn’t checking it every day, they might have had chance to spend more, before I cancelled the card.

It’s just good practice to see what my current accounts are saying, to see if I fancy transferring any more into my savings accounts, and if I need to make any adjustments. It’s meant I’m a world away from the times I only really used to check my bank balance if I was making a big purchase.

2. Drink Water

I won’t go on about this, because I already have, but I need to make sure I’m hydrated from the moment I wakeup. If I delay my first bottle of water, the catch-up game is no fun at all.

3. Avoid the Socials Until I’ve Done Something

I enjoy social media just like anyone else, but I know how much time you can lose by checking it before getting out of bed. Back in the day, it used to be normal to delay getting in by scrolling Twitter to see what’s going on and what people are saying for half an hour. Since the kids arrived and became my alarm clock, it’s not part of the routine anymore, and I’m a lot better for it.

Now I go a step further and say that I can’t go on Twitter until I’ve ticked something off my to-do list. I might write a blog post, list something on eBay or send out some important emails. Whatever it is, I get that done before I lose myself online.

4. Update My To-Do List

How does anyone cope without one? I’m talking about things I need to do at home, things that I need to do for my businesses and anything else I can think of. The day always ends by running through my to-do list, seeing what I didn’t quite manage that day, and arrange how I’m going to move those tasks into the next few days.

I use Trello for all things task management, and I swear that this single piece of software has enhanced my life immeasurably. I’ve only used it for a year and it’s completely changed the way I go about arranging my world. Even if you’re not someone like me with lots of projects going on in your life, something like Trello helps you to plan ahead like nothing else I’ve found.

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