Let’s Try Bulking with Purpose

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I’ve finally cracked training with purpose. I know where I’m heading, how to get there and how to stay on-track. I used to lift heavy for the sake of it, and now I only lift what I can in the amount of reps that I need to. Simple, and all under control. The other side of it – which I can wholeheartedly say hasn’t received the same degree of strategic thinking – is with food.

I’ve been trying to bulk blindly, despite the wealth of information I can tap into online. It may look good when I see how much weight I’ve put on each month, but it’s no good when belly fat follows it.

Here’s how I’m going to move differently and with actual purpose this time:

Calorie Counting

Some swear by it while others wouldn’t be caught dead doing it, calorie counting is the simplest way to understand what’s going in, and whether it’s enough. I simply wouldn’t be able to give you a figure for how much I eat, because I’ve never counted before. I don’t anticipate I’ll have to do it for long, but I need to know a ballpark figure of how much I’m eating each day, so I know if I’m matching what my body needs.

Eat Better

When I decided I was going to get my bulk on, I did a number of simple things:

  • Increased the number of ingredients in my daily protein shake
  • Had more meals
  • Ate cereal whenever I felt the slightest bit hungry

That’s not good enough.

You wouldn’t believe how much chocolate I go through on your average day. I might look a lot better from the outside, but my insides are vex at me for multiplying my junk food intake. I might have reduced takeaways since I moved from London, but I eat far more than I should for someone putting in so much time to my body.

I’ve got reservations about this though because nutritious food tends to be more pricey, and I’m getting good results at the moment. The other side is that more nutritious food is meant to make you feel more energetic and motivated. Although I hear of people having an immediate impact from ‘eating better’, I feel like if I felt that way afterwards, and it would just be a placebo effect, and I don’t need expensive, false motivation right now.

Actively Learn Good Nutrition

Learning about exercise is fun. You can put it into practice as you watch/read, and feel the effects immediately. For example, I might grab a dumbbell and train alongside a YouTube video to master my technique and form. I’ve got everything there and I can get immediate Nutrition is long and expensive. 

I honestly don’t know the first thing about good nutrition, mainly because there are so many people with opposing views on the matter. I haven’t taken the time to delve into the subject enough to get a good idea of what’s best for me. It’s about time that I focus a little and figure out what works best for me.

Gimme time.

*Listen to TRC*