Some Body Protein Shakes: Worth a Try?

Sweetest Pain


Convenience is the word of the year. Say it with me now. Convenience. I’m out to find ways to simplify more of the things I do. I’ve got good at if with tasks and work flow, but there’s always weak points. Wellness is one of the things that gets in the way of all of those plans. Through November to the first week of January, I was licked done by at least four different bugs, so I told myself I had to do something about it. I had to go grab me some multivitamins from Superdrug and find anything else to get my year off on the right foot.

When I told you I was losing my gains, it was because I lost my discipline with workouts. I can blame illness and that little one of mine, but it was on me. It was difficult to get back into the swing of things. The other part is because it slipped with calorie intake too. For some reason I ended up eating slower, which meant I couldn’t eat as much, which meant I would never have enough calories in me to grow/get motivated to exercise/bother trying.

To make up for it this year I’m trying new things. I’ve been making my own protein shakes each morning (when I was actively exercising) for the past two years. It’s time to see if there are better ways to do it. Now I’ve seen that every product going now has an ‘Added Protein’ version (I swear they’ll start marketing meat in this way soon), but I’m not into all that; just give me something that tastes how it’s meant to and does as it’s supposed to. So here we have the Some Body Chocolate Protein Shake.

Warning: they’re sweet. They have added sweetener in there, and you feel it from the first mouthful. For that reason, I’d recommend it pre or during a workout, rather than as a meal accompaniment. It’s got that zing to wake you up and get you going. For those – like myself – that prefer not to use coffee for this kind of thing, it’s a solid alternative. I’d say this is the kind of thing you’d have to complement your main daily shake, and best saved for when you hit the weights.

For those it concerns, it’s also vegetarian-friendly too.

Some Body do a whole range of different protein-loaded products, so go explore for yourself. I’ve only tried the chocolate flavour shake and I’d rather not go there again, but I’ve written this much already, so I may as well finish.


In the handy 330ml bottles that I picked up, the following is true:

90% skimmed milk

Calories: 183kcal

Protein: 26g

BCAA: 1.70g

Some Body’s protein shake are available from Superdrug.


*Listen to Loose Ends.*

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