Baby Monitor Talk (Round 2)

Watching You


Now the baby has passed the 6-month mark, we feel like we’ve overcome his most fragile period. We’re now in the experimental phase, where we have him running drills to strengthen his core, learn to use his arms, and figure out how to move about with purpose. We don’t have to have him right by our sides at all times to know he’s alright anymore; he’s quite alright jamming in his Jumperoo or laying on the floor, while we tend to other things.

Sleep has been a problem though. Marlo can never get enough rest in the day, because we’ve got a wild 2-year-old that makes plenty of noise. There’s no getting around it. If he’s sleeping on the sofa, it’s only a matter of time before a Duplo tower fall, mini vacuum cleaner or scream wakes him up. That’s just how it is. What myself and Hollie forgot until recently is that our now-not-so-fragile small one can sleep elsewhere in the day – we just need to be able to see him.

So we got a baby monitor.

We’ve obviously got one already for Cameo, because we’re not moving it. It’s in the perfect position hovering over his bed and it would be so inconvenient to have to move it every day. We wasted no time in heading over to Argos to find the first viable option that we came across.

The first time around we were gassed off all of the special features, like being able to speak through the monitor and being able to change the viewpoint. This time we knew that we just needed any monitor with a screen, and we could get quickly. No need for anything special, because we only ever use the basic features anyway. Argos’ same-day delivery service came in handy, as we had our new purchase by the afternoon.

Listen to me: it was an absolute game changer.

As both myself and Hollie work for ourselves at home, having this monitor was a game-changer. In the past Marlo was only getting little half-hour naps in the day, while his big bro was awake. The first full day we had the monitor, he had two 3-hour stretches – the first daytime ones since the week he was born.

This phase where young’ns basically just want to eat and sleep doesn’t last for long, so we’re milking it while we can. The baby monitor is the only reason we’re able to get him to settle in the day. We might have to rush upstairs to give him his dummy when it falls out, but at least he’s getting a lot more sleep than he otherwise would.

There’s probably no need to keep a 6 month+ baby in the same room with you in the day. And there’s definitely no need to overcomplicate things with baby monitors.

This one will do.

*Listen to Wayne Wonder*