We Gave In: It’s Tablet Time


It was always going to happen eventually; it was just a question of when. We finally caved in and gave into the pressure by buying our 23-month-old toddler a tablet. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it just came to the point where we needed another way to entertain the guy. He’s got mountains of toys, books and a fun garden, he but understandably gets bored if we can’t go out out more than once a day. With two parents working from home – and with a smaller one to think of – we try, innit. We’d much rather he didn’t watch TV when he’s not eating, so we need something to keep him developing and contained in a safe area; a tablet’s going to do just that.

We’ve decided that Cameo is advanced (as everyone likes to think their child is). When we got him signed up to nursery and they told us our 20-month-old needed to be in the group for those ahead of him, it told us what we already assumed. He can identify more letters of the alphabet than a 4-year-old we know. He can tell us about his day with ease. He’s on his job. We needed something that was going to keep that knowledge flowing at the times when we can’t.

We didn’t get further than the Amazon homepage to settle on the Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet. Apparently meant for when the kids are 3+, Cameo took to this sturdy piece of kit like it was made for him. It’s filled with content that both Cameo (and eventually Marlo) will enjoy for years. We didn’t shop around. We didn’t look into alternatives. As soon as you see what’s on there and the price, it’s clear that it covers all bases. Cameo might only be able to watch the videos for now, but he’ll grow to be able to play the games, read the books and do everything else that it’s capable of.

Cameo had already figured out touch screen swiping on phones, so was easily able to adapt to this. You’re able to configure it so that all of his favourite things are easy to get to. The pre-loaded video content includes all of the shows he always knows (Peppa Pig, Hey Duggee), classics that he’s now getting to know (Pingu, The Trap Door) and easy access to the wealth of educational content on YouTube Kids. I couldn’t ask for more from it. We now don’t have to worry about him having our phones and deleting emails while he’s trying to find Mr Tumble.

Even if we started a little earlier than we’re meant to with this, we know we’ve got some kit that will keep him happy for years to come. I have to recommend it based on the great month we’ve had with it thus far, and how useful it’s bound to be for us well into the future. There may be cheaper options out there, but I’m recommending this.

The Fire 7 Kids Edition is available from Amazon for £99.99.

*Listen to Young Thug.*