Just Don’t Give Away My Alligator Pie

Crocodile Python


I’m going to say it every time I like a children’s book, but I need to write a children’s book. They seem to be so simple and there’s no way I’m going to write every single day (on here, and my other sites) and not make the time to put together a quick thing for the kids. If any illustrators can please shout me, we can come up with magic together. I haven’t got any ideas yet, but just know that greatness will come.

Anyway, the inspiration for the above comes directly from reading one of the best additions to the Ladsdem’s book collection: “Alligator Pie” by Dennis Lee. It’s a classic in Canada, and one of our friends from that side of the world wanted to make sure that our little ones experienced all of that maple syrup-dripped goodness over here.

I believe Cameo received this as one of his birth day (as in the day he landed in this world) presents, and has loved this from about 10 months old. It’s lively, gets to the point, and you can throw any flow on it to create different variations on it.  

What I’ve realised with children’s books is that I only ever enjoy them if I can perform them in rap format (so it’s helpful if it rhymes), and if it’s possible to learn all of the words within 10 reads. This brief read ticks all of those boxes, and is illustrated so very well by Sandy Nichols.

Whenever Cameo requests that we read this, we have to do it at least five times and it’s one of the few I’m happy to dig out of his book rack. (I properly am not looking forward to when he wants to read the wordy books in his collection, because I’m just not cut out for that yet).

As all books good should, this can be found on Amazon for the low.

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